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Welcome to the Spruijt-Metz Obesity Research and Mobile Health Lab

Our research focuses on obesity prevention and treatment in minority youth. Our Transdisciplinary research approach is geared towards understanding the biological, behavioral, social, and environmental causes of childhood obesity in order to develop culturally sensitive, evidence based approaches to promote health behavior change. New technologies in mobile health (mHealth) and interactive media are central to our approach. We are committed to reducing health disparities in children.

Lab Team Photo

3rd row l-r:  Javier Diaz,  Fred Wen, LeRoy Downs,  Adriana Padilla 
2nd row l-r: Stephanie Hsieh, Ting Liu,  Dr. Donna Spruijt-MetzSusan Schembre,  Peisheng Shi
1st row l-r: Lauren CookLuz Castillo-Antunez,  Gillian O'Reilly